Really Horrible Manifesto

Our products are really horrible, and we stand by them. So bad that they're actually great. Really great. Seriously. They would buy you dinner and then walk you home and not even try anything when you get to your door. Our products are currently working on plans to not only solve world hunger, but to solve it with double cheeseburgers. Really Horrible™ Enterprises prides itself on being the worst it can possibly be, and we want you to roll around in the dirt with us. Please do.

Get Horrible.

The Serious Bit:

The Really Horrible™ brand was created originally to showcase my line of vanilla extracts and is recognized as one of the premiere lines of specialty foods and food products in the Ottawa region.

Our Heritage

In a world where people want perfection, where crisp and neat and tidy are the perceived status quo, we spit on the sidewalk. We scratch ourselves in public. We laugh louder than the din of the crowd and no, we won't quiet down. We are realists. We understand that not only does everybody poop, but everyone takes pride in it.

Really Horrible™ was born out of the need to break down the pristine cat people at craft shows and showcase products that will blow your hair back, knock your socks off and slap you square in the jaw. We harken back to the days of the vikings, where they would take over entire villages with force - but also with beauty. Yes, beauty. And we intend to do the same in our small market.

Our offerings include Really Horrible™ Vanilla Extract and Drink Pucks, The Bitter Half products, chopsticks and a few seasonal specials. Trust that there is more to come. Much more. Products so horrible you will gasp and cling to your children to protect them, or maybe use them as the human shields they were born to be. Either way, stay tuned.